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Diver6 Releases New ENC Chart Overlay Features

Diver6 Releases New ENC Chart Overlay Features

Diver6, a Diver and Dive Operations mobile support system, has released a new software component for the Diver6 user community. The new ENC chart overlay features allow Dive Masters to see where their divers are located on a chart during an active dive.

One of the leading issues with providing ENC charts, is that most services are online content providers. Mapping and chart options require users to have an internet connection to see and use the charts. The mobile and remote features of Diver6 make it very difficult to maintain an internet connection on a dive. Small vessels do not have the expensive communication options needed for online content provisions.

Diver6 v2.0 includes the new ChartServer add-on. The ChartServer is a locally run application that serves ENC S57 charts to Diver6. International S63 charts are also supported in the new application. With the addition of ChartServer, Diver6 users can load nautical charts for any location in the world to support their dives.

All new Diver6 systems are shipped with the new features and applications. Current system owners can contact us about upgrade options. U.S. customers are provided with a system that is fully loaded with NOAA ENC charts. International customers are provided with the application ready to accept charts. Fees may apply for international S63 charts.

The addition of charts gives a Dive Master another situational awareness tool to improve the quality and safety of the active dive.

Azimuth Inc. teamed with Canadian based Siitech to develop this application for Diver6. Siitech is a leading innovator of AIS and nautical chart applications.



Diver6 Releases Aid to Navigation on Shearwater Products

Diver6 Releases Aid to Navigation on Shearwater Products

Diver6, a Diver and Dive Operations mobile support system, has released a new navigation aid for the Diver6 user community. The new Aid to Navigation (ATN) runs on the Shearwater PETREL 2 and NERD 2 products, continuing the strong relationship between Diver6 and Shearwater Research.

The Diver6 ATN is a streamlined Shearwater operating system that focuses on the features relevant to Diver6 operation and support. It uses Shearwater’s DiveCAN® digital communications protocol to connect with Diver6 modems. It uses Shearwater’s DiveCAN® digital communications protocol to connect with Diver6 modems.

The ATN focuses on the primary situational awareness and communication needs of divers in the water. Divers are provided with one simplified screen that features heading, tank pressure, depth, max depth, compass and all the Diver6 communication features.

New features have been added to the operating system improving communication with the diver. They include:

• Send Return Home – asking for directions to the surface vessel
• Send Assist – asking the divemaster to send a diver to assist you

These new features along with the existing features of Distress, Assist, Recall, and Send to Target provide a robust set of communication and navigation tools for the Diver6 user community.

Diver6 users now have the option on their Shearwater products to either have the full unlocked power of the Shearwater dive computer plus Diver6 functionality or the streamlined ATN operating system.

Diver6 export jurisdiction control revised

For Immediate Release: Azimuth is pleased to announce the United States Dept of State, Bureau of Political - Military Affairs, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls has changed the export jurisdiction control for the Diver6 System from the Department of State to the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security. Due to this revised export classification, Diver6 is no longer categorized as International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Category XI - Military Electronics and is now regulated by the Commerce Control List (CCL), item number 6A001.a.1.d, Marine Acoustic System. Azimuth welcomes this exciting opportunity to expand our market reach for our successful Diver6 System and we are ready to answer any of your questions concerning sales and export of the Diver6 System. For more information, please contact us at www.diver6.com

Quick Tips for Diver6

When using the Diver6 system, you may see some abnormalities happening that may cause you to question your data. No worries! We have a few quick tips that we think will help everyone during their dives.

The compass/heading is reading inaccurately

Is you craft compass and Diver6 heading not agreeing? That may be caused by one larger issue. The Diver6 Topside Modem has an internal magnetic compass that provided the heading for the modem. Be sure that if you are using the provided modem mounting equipment, that your 1" inch pipe is a non-ferrous metal. A ferrous metal pipe will cause the magnetic sensor to error in the same way as placing a magnet next to a compass. Be sure that when you place your modem in the water that you are not near large metal objects, ferrous in nature, that could cause the same deviations. Topside modem placement is crucial to get the most accurate reading for your divers in the water.

Water Temperature is inaccurate

You may at times see the water temperature to be inaccurate. That is due to the fact that it takes time for the temperature sensor to acclimate to the water temperature around it. Once the modem is in the water for a period of time and cools to the water temperature, you will get accurate temperature data. The time varies so be patient.

Air time Remaining

The Air Time remaining is calculated using up to the last five minutes of pressure readings. A rate per minute is then calculated and this rate is used to determine how long it will take to reach 725 PSI (or 50 bar). If the tank pressure has remained constant over a five-minute period, the Air Time will read “INF” indicating no air has been used and there is an “infinite” time remaining. If the diver does not have a tank pressure sensor, the string “--:--:--“ will be displayed.

Wash Wash Wash

Be sure that after every usage to wash down the system with fresh water. This will remove all the salt, mud, etc from the units and keep them clear of build up. Be sure to also dry the equipment before storing in the case. A simple preventative maintenance will keep your system operational for years to come.

These are just a few Quick Tips to make your dive more successful and accurate. For more information visits our FAQ, or check your user's manual for more information.

ABC News, Virginia Beach Covers Diver6

Diver6 Systems were delivered to the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in June. ABC News, Virginia Beach covered the delivery and talked with armed forces personnel about the system.

Visit the link below, to read more on the delivery and system.


Hypack Diver6 Integration Now Available

Diver6 data is now available in Hypack. Hypack recently finished a new software module that allows for Diver6 data to be imported into their software suite in near realtime. This integration allows Hypack users to see divers in the water using the Hypack 2D and 3D views.

For more information, Visit the Hydro International News Site

Diver6 Featured in Sea Technology Magazine

Read and Learn more on Diver6 as featured in Sea Technology Magazine Read More...

Are You Tracking Divers by Chasing Bubbles?

We received some great coverage in Maritime Executive. Maritime Executive is one of the industries leading periodicals and information services for the maritime community.

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Diver6 and Shearwater Systems Integrate

Shearwater Research Inc, the leading manufacturer of dive computers and electronic control systems for rebreathers has expanded their support for DiveCAN applications. They are pleased to announce the integration of the Diver6 diver monitoring and communication system with the Petrel and NERD display systems.

The integration between Shearwater and Diver6 provides greatly enhanced communication between diver and dive master. Recall alerts can now be sent to the diver and displayed on the Shearwater devices providing directional information to return to the surface vessel. The dive master can also issue an assist message which will send a diver directional information to another diver in need. Divers can issue a Diver Distress / 911 alert to notify the dive master that they are in trouble. With this integration, dive masters can now effectively react to multiple situations happening underwater.

The integration debuted at the 2014 DEMA show. Many of the attendees were very interested in the integration and were excited to see how the dive master could now direct his divers to locations and assist divers by providing them with valuable directional data.

Its another feature that gives the dive another layer of safety and security.